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Hopefully you took the advice from the N00B guide and are improving your macro. It could be said that as well as you can macro is equivalent to what league or level you achieve in StarCraft 2. Sure, there are other factors but macro is one of, if not the, most important.

No guide can simply make you better at macroing with a few pointers. It takes practice and an ability to have multiple balls in the air at once. You've got to get used to bouncing around the map, using control groups, and doing many things all at once. That being said here are some things to think about and work on.

You've got to have your production structures assigned to control groups. Work on getting used to constantly cycling through these control groups and pumping out units according to your build and strategy.

When you push out your army don't stop making units! Get used to maneuvering your army around, and even attacking, while still cycling through your production structures with your assigned hot keys to keep on creating new units.

I hope the Queen is sending in some reinforcements...

For Terran and Protoss players a good strategy is to keep a worker assigned to a control group who's responsible for building new supply depots, pylons, or even new structures so that you can quickly return to that unit (double tap the number key they're assigned to) while on the move in order to keep up with supply and general construction back at your base. While getting used to this you can also crank out a few extra supply before pushing out.

That button, right there

Stop using your mouse and arrow keys so much to get around the map. Spacebar will cycle you and your vision between the last several buildings and units you've constructed and ultimately back to your start point. Double tapping an assigned control group number will center your vision over that group. If you must click, click on the mini map for faster vision, particularly on large maps.

Are you a Macro Master?

If you search for "macro" in Custom Games you'll find a ton of macro test maps and some with associated challenges. Use them! Practice makes perfect… or at the very least, better. Check out our Practice section for tips on improving your macro management.

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