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Army Composition

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Strong economies don't win the game by themself. It's the army they allow you to build that wins the game. Just like you should never stop building workers in StarCraft 2, you should never stop building units out of your production buildings. The reason is obvious. The larger your army, the stronger your army and the more of a threat you are to your opponent. Stay on top of your macro!

When building your army, remember that no unit composition or pre-set strategy is going to work 100% of the time. It's important to be flexible and adapt to what your opponent is doing. It's equally important to know the weaknesses of your own build. Are you vulnerable to air attacks because you're initial army is all ground? If so, you better know the timing needed to push that will ensure your opponent can't, or shouldn't normally, have air units. Likewise in this scenario you should be scouting and know ahead of time what moves you need to make to adjust your strategy and army appropriately if they do get a hard counter against you.

StarCraft 2 is quite a bit like chess in this regard. It's perfectly fine and expected to have your opener planned, but from there you have to anticipate your opponents response to your own build, know the best counters for your own build, and have several different paths mapped out to adequately adjust and respond.

The best army composition is ultimately what are the best units to put together to effectively crush your opponent's choice in units. The point of this guide is not to tell you "what beats what" as that's covered at length all over the place and if you're really curious about specific combos check out the Unit Tester in our Practice section. The point is to get you used to scouting and adapting appropriately or even starting out with a specific build based on what race your opponent is. All these things and ideas are what are going to make your army stronger and win you the match. If you march through the whole match with a flat strategy you won't likely get very far.

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