Muta Bang

Build Order

*Standard 15 Hatch FE Opening*

  • 9 - Overlord
  • 15 - Hatchery
  • 15 - Spawning Pool
  • 15 - Extractor
  • 16 - Overlord
  • 18 - 2x Queens
  • 24 - Evolve Metabolic Boost
  • * - Spend 1st of each Queen's energy on Spawn Larvae, 2nd set of energy on Creep Tumors
  • 26 - Overlord
  • 32 - Lair
  • 32 - Evolution Chamber
  • 31 - 3x Extractors
  • 28 - Baneling Nest

  • 40'ish - Train Zerglings, Evolve 30% to Banelings

  • * - Evolve Melee Attack
  • * - Once secure from any attack: Spire

  • @ 100% Spire - Evolve Flyer Attacks

  • * - Mass Mutas until gas depleats, spend remaining minerals on Zerglings from here on out

  • * - Decide whether to attack or secure 3rd expansion


This is a classic Zerg versus Terran StarCraft 2 build order for when your Terran opponent is going with the typical bio build or even bio + tanks. Zerg should always be ahead in economy and this strategy utilizes a fast expansion to leap ahead in resources. Bannelings are incredibly strong against biological units and they're your go-to force early on to deal with Marines and Marauders. With all your gas saturated fairly early you're able to pool up enough to bring a burst of Mutalisks onto the scene as soon as your Spire finishes. Decide whether to attack or secure a 3rd expansion and you should be well poised for victory.

Strong Against: terran logo icon


There's a ton of action at 32 supply so pay attention and don't forget anything; you've got 5 structures to lay down. This build can work with Roaches instead of Speed'lings but you'll have less Mutalisks to play with by spending gas on the Roaches. Spred Creep! It's so important in this build because you don't want to be blindsided by early, or even mid game, Terran aggression. In that same vein position your Overlords for maximum visibility as well and don't worry too much about losing one or 2. You need to know when your opponent is on the move and if you need to quickly pump out some extra Zerglings or Evolve Bannelings out of Zerglings you already have sitting around. Only get your Spire when you're sure you don't need the resources for additional 'Lings.

Scout, and if you see any early Banshee cheese drop some Spore Crawlers since you'll have an Evolution Chamber before they can get any Banshees out

This build is intended to face a Terran Bio army predominately. It will not fair well against a Terran Mech Build.


Stay with the Mutalisks as long as possible. Don't be afraid of Vikings. Any massses of Marines that would normally chew up Mutalisks can be dealt with by your Banelings. Do fear Thors. If your opponent is massing Thors then Roaches are going to be your best option. However, masses of Zerglings can do the trick and with careful micro you can try and keep your Mutalisks behind the Thors as much as possible. Since you're playing both ground and air you can take your higher tech in either direction; Corruptors and Broodlords or Roaches and Ultralisks. The only thing that would really throw you off your current build and unit types though would be Thors. So spred lots of creep, dominate the map, and the rest will really fall into place on it's own.

Mutalisks and Zerglings/Banelings are well balanced against each other in terms or resource spend and in terms of attack so you can simply upgrade and mass them until the end in most situations


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