8 Pool

Build Order

  • 8 - Spawning Pool
  • 7 - Drone
  • 8 - Drone
  • 9 - Overlord
  • 9 - 3x Zerglings
  • 12 - Zergling
  • * - Push in at this point
  • 13 - Drone
  • 13 - Queen
  • 16 - Overlord
  • 16 - 2x Drones
  • 17 - Roach Warren
  • 17 - Extractor
  • 24 - Get your expansion


The point of this build is to damage your opponent's opening units and damage their economy as much as possible with your first 8 Zergling push. From there you want to switch to Roaches, expand, and protect your expansion. If no wave of units hits you after your expansion is up and running push in with your Roaches, at least 10 would be recommended, and see if you can close the deal. We classified this under vs. Protoss but it's still very strong against other races.

Strong Against: protoss logo icon


Every macro movement early on is very important. Use a drone close to where you want to drop your Spawning Pool and drop it exactly at 200. The very second your Pool is up get your first 3 pairs of Zerglings and pound 'S' and 'Z' after that until your 4th pair is spawning. Kill the Zealot when you first enter and go for Pylons after that to see if you can prevent the next Protoss unit from warping in. If the Probes come after you don't let them get a surround and pick off as many as possible. The goal is to secure the economic advantage and since you sacrificed that early on you've got get your expansion right at 24 and protect it with Roaches.


Against Protoss you definitely want to hit up the Roaches as expressed in the build as their strong against most Protoss Gateway units. Ideally you can close it out with enough Roaches once your second expansion is up and humming. With Zerg it's always pretty wide open as to what you can transition to because of their high adaptability so scout it out and plan your path. If you need anti air Hydralisks are the better choice over Mutalisks because Stalkers are very strong against Mutas. You may still need a Spire though for Corruptors if the Protoss player gets Colossi. We'd recommend getting Burrow and Tunneling Claws to sneak in on your Protoss opponent with your Roaches as early as possible. This allows you to tunnel under any Sentry Force Fields as well.


sc2replay file icon SC2 Replay File

Note: The replay file isn't much of any good past the first few Roaches acquired... I wasn't paying attention and rallied them out and I just surrendered... it's not a full match. This is just an opener, not a deal closer, so the mechanics up until the expansion are all that was being displayed and should be all that's paid attention to.