7 Roach

Build Order

  • 10 - Double Extractor Trick
  • 8 - 2x Drones
  • 12/10 - Overlord
  • 12 - Spawning Pool
  • 11 - 5x Drones
  • 16 - Extractor
  • 15 - Drone
  • 16 - Queen
  • 18 - Roach Warren
  • 18 - 2x Drones
  • * - Spawn Larva
  • 20 - Overlord
  • 20 - 7x Roaches
  • * - Push Roaches out
  • 33 - Drone
  • 34 - Overlord
  • 34 - Get your expansion + Queen
  • * - More drones
  • * - Lair
  • * - Saturate all your gas


The purpose of the 7 Roach aggression is to put your opponent in a defensive position so you can safely secure your expansion and gain the economic and production advantage with 2 Hatcheries and 2 Queens. If your bases are close together or your opponent is teching and did not wall off their ramp you may actually be able to clench it with your first 7 Roaches and perhaps 3 quick followup Roaches.

Strong Against: random logo icon


You've got to have very careful macro at all opening stages to time your Extractor, Roach Warren, Queen, and Spawn Larva just right so that you have 7 Roaches trained at right about 5 minutes game time. This is a timing rush so you don't want to be lagging much beyond that. Make sure as you push out your 7 Roaches your still macroing your addtional Overlord, Drone, and expansion back at home.


After the first push get some additional Roaches to guard your expansion and base and secure a Lair to move quickly into Hydralisk or Mutalisk tech. You've got the economic and production advantage so try and close the game out with your next wave. Deny their expansion so they can't keep up and stay on top of your Spawn Larva for maximum production from both Hatcheries. If you run into a turtle, contain their ramp with your Roaches, get some Spore Crawlers back home, and get air tech to get in there and finish it.


sc2replay file icon SC2 Replay File

Note: After I expand I forget to saturate one of my Extractors at my main... since I don't go straight to Mutas is has no effect but it's outside of the build as described. ::FAIL::