Build Name

Build Order

  • 9 - Overlord
  • 15 - Hatchery
  • 15 - Spawning Pool
  • 15 - Extractor
  • * - @ 100% Spawning Pool, 1-2 pair of lings to scout with
  • * - @ 100% Spawning Pool, 2x Queens
  • * - @ 100 Gas, research Metabolic Boost
  • 16 - Overlord
  • 16 - 1-2 pair of lings
  • 18 - 2x Queens
  • * - Produce Drones as much as your scouting indicates is safe
  • * - Produce needed Zerglings as much as your scouting indicates is safe
  • 32 - 1 - 2 Spine Crawlers protecting both natural and main

  • *Run with lings to stay neck and neck with the opposing Zerg player's Zergling count. Transition to Roaches as soon as possible


This is the classic Zerg fast expansion strategy build for StarCraft 2. We're recomending it most against Zerg as when the Zerg race faces off with itself you want to be the economic dominator. The economy is the pillar atop which the Zerg race stands and you want to get ahead fast. Basically you're getting your expansion Hatchery at 15 supply with your Spawning Pool and an Extractor immediately following. Get 1-2 Zerglings out to scout your opponent and adjust from there. The goal is to get both of your bases saturated and start cranking out Larva with your Queens well before your opponent starts expanding.

Strong Against: zerg logo icon


You don't send out a Drone scout in the early stages which is why it's imperitive you scout with your first 2 Zerglings. You want to know if your opponent is also fast expanding or one-basing it and how many Zerglings they've got. You need to keep pace with your opponent's Zerglings with your own so your not overwhelmed with early aggression. Well placed Spine Crawlers are also helpful with this. Make your transition to Roaches and get your Lair as soon as possible and you can probably win it right as the mid game approaches.


Make sure you get double Evolution Chambers once your past any early aggression from your opponent. Roaches and Hyrdalisks are your likely best transition option. If you saturate all 4 Vespene Geysers early enough though Mutalisk tech can be a nice play as well. You'll likely fair better with Hyrdalisks as your anti air though because they'll benefit from the upgrades from your Evolution Chambers. Right after your first big push grab your 3rd expansion to ensure you stay ahead in economy. That's the whole point of this build, to be the economic champ. Keep the pressure on and there's no reason your match should slip into the late game stages.


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