Mech Expand

Build Order

  • 10 - Supply
  • 10 - Supply
  • 12 - Barracks
  • 13 - Gas
  • 15 - Orbital Command Center
  • 15 - Marine
  • 16 - Marine
  • 17 - Supply
  • 19 - Marine
  • 21 - Factory
  • 21 - Reactor on Barracks
  • 23 - Bunker
  • * - Float Factory to Reactor
  • 25 - Command Center
  • 25 - Supply
  • *- Pump Hellions
  • 27 - Supply
  • 33 - Factory
  • 33 - Tech Lab on Barracks
  • 37 - 2nd Orbtial Command Center
  • 37 - Supply (keep up here on out)
  • 38 - Float Barracks off Tech Lab, build 3rd Factory in place
  • 38 - Tech lab on 2nd Factory
  • 41 - Float 2nd Orbital Command Center to natural expansion
  • 41 - Siege Mode

  • * - Get additional gas at main and natural
  • * - Pressure with Hellions
  • * - Siege Tanks
  • * - Armory, Thors


This is a similar build to our Mech build but with the focus here when facing a Zerg opponent to stay evenly matched in economy; though it does work very well against Terran as the other mech build did. The goal is to play it slightly more defensively, applying a little early harassment with the Hellions, but generally to protect your semi-early expansion and gear up for mass mechanical units. By staying paced with the Zerg player in economy while massing the superior mechanical technology to clash with their biological units this is a very safe and strong TvZ build.

Strong Against: zerg logo icon


Make sure your macro early on is spot on, floating Barracks off their add-ons and moving Factories into their place in order to properly secure Hellions and your bunkered Marines for any early Zerg pressure. While not in the replay a standard 2 Supply Depot 1 Barracks ramp wall is recommended. Always scout your opponent and if they're 1 basing and massing an agressive army you'll want to forgo your 2nd Command Center in lieu of some Siege Tanks and more Hellions. Your Hellion pressure may be enough to keep the Zerg player at their base so use them to contain your opponent as best as possible to further aid in securing your expansion.


Basically you'll want to stick with Hellions, Tanks, and Thors with Thors being your primary anti air. Stick a couple Turrets around your base and expansions to delay any mass Mutalisk pressure while your Thors regroup. Since you're agressively expanding to keep pace with the Zerg economy you'll want to get your 3rd expansion in under 13 minutes game time typically. Save some scans for any Burrowed Roach play (you positioned those Turrets like I just said too, right?) and stay aggressive in the mid game so the Zerg player doesn't outpace you in economy. Ghosts can be a nice addtion if the Zerg player is using Infestors' Neural Parasite to control your Thors.


sc2replay file icon SC2 Replay File