Build Order

  • 10 - Supply
  • 12 - Barracks
  • 12 - Refinery
  • 13 - Send Scout
  • 14 - Slide 2 SCVs over to Refinery to harvest
  • 15 - Supply
  • 15 - Marine
  • 17 - Marine
  • 19 - Factory
  • 20 - Marine (keep up production as *spare* min allows)
  • 21 - Tech Lab on Barracks
  • 21 - Orbital Command Center
  • 21 - 2nd Refinery
  • 21 - Float Factory to Barracks Tech Lab
  • 22 - 2nd Factory
  • 22 - Hellion (you'll get 3 from 1st Factory)
  • 22 - Reactor on Barracks
  • 24 - Supply
  • 29 - Float 2nd Factory to Barracks Reactor
  • 29 - 2x Hellions from 2nd Factory (keep up production)
  • 29 - Supply
  • 33 - Infernal Pre-Ignitor
  • 35 - Siege Tank (keep up production)


A heavy mechanical build this composition is very strong against bio armies such as Zerg and Terran. Push out with your first or 2nd tank depending on map distance. If it's a large distance push out halfway through your 2nd tank's training time and let it catch up with you. This build is meant to end the game on the first push though there are plenty of transition options. That being said, you need to push out with that first one to two tanks for the timing to be right.

Strong Against: terran logo icon zerg logo icon


As always, be scouting your opponent as often as possible. If you see heavy Marauders or Roaches you either need to get their quickly or sacrifice the Infernal Pre-Ignitor upgrade for an extra Siege Tank and Siege Mode shortly thereafter. Push out with 3 Siege Tanks and you should be good. This also works well against Protoss.

Make sure your rallying in Hellions the whole time. The push will not be successful with the original 7+ Hellions you leave your base with. The key is that Hellions are fast, and they rally in fast, so you should expect to actually get 4 more Hellions into the fray before it's all over. Same goes for Siege Tanks. You may find that what puts you over the top is that last Siege Tank that rallies in with Siege Mode finally researched.


As your first push is coming to an end you should secure your natural expansion. Once that is up you can drop another production building or two and the necessary upgrade stuctures.

The best transition is into Thors. You can drop a Tech Lab on your Barracks, and swap with the Factory on the Reactor giving you 2 Thor-ready Factorys and double Marine production. Alternatively, if your opponent is sticking with a ground bio based army, keep on producing Hellions instead of Marines with your extra minerals while you bring in Thors. More Siege Tanks can play out for a while but eventually you'll need the anti air so we recommend just going straight to Thors.

As that first expansion went up get 2 Armories and start upgrading ground weapons and armor right away. You can push out again with those first 2 Thors and whatever Hellion/Marine mix you have. Hopefully your first push was strong and set your opponent back a bit so now's not the time to let up. Stay aggressive.


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