'Rines & Banshees

Build Order

  • 10 - Supply
  • 12 - Barracks (constant Marine production)
  • 14 - 2nd Barracks (constant Marine production)
  • 15 - 2nd Supply
  • 17 - Orbital Command Center
  • 19 - 2x Refineries
  • 25 - 3rd supply (keep up production)
  • 27 - Factory (Hellions as minerals allow)
  • 36'ish, soon as Factory is done - 2x Starports
  • * - 2x Tech Labs on Starports
  • * - Constant Banshee production


This build is the safest way to get some reasonably quick Banshees in the air while still having a ground force to fend off any aggression. It capitalizes on Zerg's lack of early anti air and Protoss's lack of detection should you choose to get Cloak. Since Protoss doesn't have any hard anti-bio early on your strong bundle of marines can clean up Stalkers and Sentries while the Banshees go to work on the rest. Conversely where Zerg can have very early anti-bio your supplement of Hellions and hard counter with the Banshees to ground units works nicely.

Strong Against: protoss logo icon zerg logo icon


Typically you'll only get Hellions as a suplment when you have Marines to be trained queued up, Banshees queued up, and you're just looking to spend an extra 100 minerals. However, if it's versus Zerg and you've scouted Zerglings and no Roaches go ahead and sacrifice a couple Marines for extra Hellions. You should push out halfway with all your forces as soon as the first 2 Bashees are out. When the 3rd and 4th Banshee hit the air and are rallying to your army go ahead and move in on your opponent at that point.

With a ball of non-upgraded marines and just a few Hellions it's really the Banshee's doing the heavy lifting so you want to get in there reasonably quick before they start massing any sort of anti air.

The decision to get Cloak for the Banshees can simply be missed macro on other units and extra income to spend or perhaps if you've scouted a Protoss base with no Forge or Robotics Facility. Whatever your play just make sure it doesn't delay your push too much meaning you've started the research just prior to your 1st two Banshees coming out.


There are lots of transition options with this one because you've already construcuted one of each main production structure. So the transition should be based largely on what your opponent is doing. It's an easy enough transition to MMM or other bio compositions.

It can be tough to stick with Banshees as your opponent will likely get detection and some anti air. So one nice transition is to Thors. All you need is an Armory and you can float your Starports off their Tech Labs and put your existing Factory and a new on in their place. Since your opponent may think your sticking with Banshees or even going Battlecruisers (which is a nice viable transition actually, particularly in team games) switching to Thors can help you stay one step ahead. Use the Starports for Medivacs to support your Marines or even to do some Thor drops.


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