6 Rax

Build Order

  • 10 - Supply
  • 12 - Barracks
  • 15 - Orbital Command Center
  • 15 - 2x Marines
  • 16 - 2nd Supply
  • @ Orbital Command Center Completion - Drop M.U.L.E., train 3x SCVs
  • @ 700 Minerals - 5x Barracks
  • * - Marine
  • * - Shift order 2 Barrack's constructing SCVs to build 1 supply each
  • * - Rally remaining 3 Barrack's constructing SCVs back to minerals
  • * - Pump Marines constantly from all 6 Barracks, push out at 15 Marines


This build is borderline cheesy and doesn't work well if scouted. It tends to work very well in lower leagues and can work well as a team all in rush strategy. While not described here nor shown in the video it can work very well as a proxy build as it's certainly a rush build and the closer you can get your Marines flooding in the better.

Strong Against: random logo icon


Getting the mechanics just right is key. Rally your first marine out to your nearest choke and try and cut down any scout. Rally the rest of your marines to this guy.

When saving up for the 700 minerals assign 5 SCVs to a control group to make it easy to build all 5 Barracks at once.

When you pull the 2 SCVs from Barracks construction to build 2 supply depots have them each repeat that task, building 4 total supply depots, and from then on out you only need 1 SCV building supply.


There aren't many good transition options. You have no gas, oversaturated at 6 production stuctures on a single base, and you stopped making workers. Yeah... so try and just win it outright. Otherwise you're looking at getting immediate double gas and possibly expanding. You can float your Barracks against your ramp to wall yourself in good and tight while you transition. You may even want to float a Barracks out as a sacrificial scout.

Ultimately you'd be looking at transitioning to MMM or some variant of it. Make Barracks units given you've got 6 of 'em and all. Ghosts would be a viable option as well once you get gas production secured.


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