Build Name

Build Order

  • 10 - Supply
  • * - Scout
  • 11 - Barracks
  • 14 - 2nd Barracks
  • 16 - Marine
  • 16 - Orbital Command Center
  • 17 - Supply
  • 17 - Refinery
  • 18 - Marine
  • 19 - Marine
  • 20 - Marine (keep up production from here on out)
  • 20 - 3rd Barracks
  • 24 - Supply
  • 27 - Tech Lab
  • 31 - Tech Lab
  • 31 - Supply
  • 33 - Marauder (keep up production from here on out)
  • 35 - 2nd Refinery
  • 38 - Factory (optional)
  • 38 - Reactor


The Terran 3 Rax build is the most common StarCraft 2 strategy opener and build order. It's the basis for MMM, Marines and Tanks, or just about any mixed bio army composition. You can even modify it with another early Barracks (no addons or gas) for some 4 rax marine pressure at 6 minutes. It allows you to have a healthy enough army right at 7 minutes to attack or defend just about any aggression while securing your expansion. Be weary of early Siege Tanks from your opponent and counter with Siege Tanks of your own. You should be scouting to adjust your mix of Marines and Marauders appropriately for heavy Stalkers or Roaches in which case you'll want to keep up on gas and get more Marauders. This is also important so that when you get your 4th+ Barracks you know whether to add a Reactor or a Tech Lab to it. If your opponent is going air you'll obviously want more Marines.

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It's important to time your Barracks add-ons appropriately so that you're never constructing more than one at a time to ensure that you're always producing a minimum of 2 units from 2 Barracks. So get each add-on consecutively so that you're always producing units. Research Stimpack, Concussive Shells, and Combat Shield in that order from your Tech Labs. Stay up on SCV and M.U.L.E. production along with your combat units and you'll be in an excellent posistion to transition into the mid game.


The most common transition, and common build for the Terran race, is to transition to MMM; Marines, Marauders, and Medivacs. The Factory at 38 is perfect to quickly secure a Starport to which you should immediately attach a Reactor. After you expand get double Engineering Bays and an eventual Armory to constantly upgrade your bio units. As MMM alone tends to be more mineral heavy at your 3rd expansion you can initially get away with no gas.

Another common transition would be to bring in the tanks. Get 2 Reactors and a single Tech Lab as opposed to the reverse laid out in the build and get your 2nd gas a little sooner. Drop a Tech Lab immediately on your finished Factory and look at getting a 2nd Factory when you expand. You won't initially train any Marauders as your Siege Tanks will be your heavy hitters.

Look to do some drop play with your medivacs whatever your army composition ends up being. Be tight on your micro so you can pull your units out after they've done their initial damage. While units unload somewhat slowly from a Medivac they reload instantly so you can get them out of harms way quickly.


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