Zealots and DTs

Build Order

  • 9 - Pylon
  • 12 - Gateway
  • 12 - Assimilator
  • 14 - Zealot (continue production as spare minerals allow)
  • 16 - Cybernetics Core
  • 18 - Assimilator
  • 18 - Pylon
  • 19 - Warp Gate Research (Chrono Boost through research)
  • 20 - Pylon (hidden)
  • 21 - Gateway
  • 22 - Twilight Council
  • 23 - 2x Gateways
  • 23 - Dark Shrine
  • 23 - Pylon
  • * - Warp in Zealots and Dark Templars


Early/Mid aggressive build meant to hit opponent on the ground with cloaked Dark Templars. Strongest against Zerg and Protoss. Less strong against Terran as they can scan and detect your DTs. Always be scouting your opponent for any early air they may be trying to bring and use your Gateway units to adjust as needed. Burn all gas on Dark Templars and spend spare minerals on Zealots second.

Strong Against: protoss logo icon zerg logo icon


You'll want to hide your Dark Shrine as best as possible to maintain the element of surprise in your cloaked units. Make sure your dropping that proxy pylon along the way to continue to warp in units as you attack. If you can afford it Charge is recommended for your Zealots though not necessary. As you fight off units focus on detection structures and units as a secondary.


You've got a classic 4 Gate in place already so sticking with Gateway units is the best immediate transition adding Stalkers for anti air as needed. If your cloaked DTs were a total bust because of dectection consider merging them into Archons and massing more High Templars for Archon production as your primary anti air unit. A single shield upgrade from a Forge can make your Archons insanely strong. After your first push you should be expanding to your natural and saturating gas as fast as possible since you've already burnt quite a bit early on for the DTs.


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