Stalker Colossus

Build Order

  • 9 - Supply
  • 12 - Gateway
  • 14 - Assimilator
  • 16 - Pylon
  • 17 - Cybernetics Core
  • 19 - 2nd Gateway
  • 21 - Research Warp Gates
  • 21 - Stalker (Chrono Boost)
  • 24 - Pylon
  • 24 - 3rd Gateway
  • 24 - 2nd Assimilator
  • 25 - Stalker (Chrono Boost)
  • 30 - Sentry
  • 31 - Pylon
  • 32 - Stalker
  • 35 - Robotics Facility
  • 35 - Pylon
  • 37 - Nexus + Pylon
  • 39 - Robotics Bay (Extended Thermal Lance when you can)

  • * - Observer(s)
  • * - More Stalkers
  • * - 4th Gateway
  • * - Forge + Armor 1st
  • * - Twilight Council + Blink
  • * - Mass Stalkers + Colossi


This Protoss StarCraft 2 build achieves an army composition you've either used yourself or run into on ladder play if you've been playing this game even one day. The combination of Stalkers and Colossi are just plain deadly, particularly with careful Blink micro on your Stalkers. The aim here is to secure your base early with a few Chrono Boosted Stalkers and a single Sentry while you open with a 3Gate + Robo build. Only expand at 37 if your opponent is hard one-basing it and grow your Gateways from there. You can last pretty long with a single Robotics Facility but eventually you'll want to add a 2nd if it goes into late-middle or late game play.

Strong Against: terran logo icon protoss logo icon zerg logo icon random logo icon


Make sure you save some energy to Chrono Boost your first 2 stalkers to fend off any sort of early rush. If you scout a 6 pool from a Zerg player you'll definitely wanna get a Zealot out as fast as possible which isn't accounted for in the build. Upgrade priorities should be Armor, Extended Thermal Lance, Blink, Attack. You may choose to get your 2nd Armor upgrade before your +1 attack if your opponent is massing armored units to deal with your Stalkers. Always keep the Colossi in the back, move them onto cliffs where they can reach at every opportunity, and be ready on the Blink hotkey at all times to keep your Stalkers doubly acting as a meat shield up front and quick to the rear if they're trying to snipe your Colossi with air units.


These 2 units alone make for a hella strong force. You should upgrade heavily before you consider any unit type variations. Burn excess minerals on Zealots and when you have 6-10 of em try and save up 200gas for Charge. If you're running into a lot of Immortals just add a handful of your own Immortals to your mix and be sure and micro your Zealots up front assumming you have Charge. Not much else can stop you.


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