Fast Expand Zealot Archon

Build Order

  • 9 - Pylon
  • 16 - Nexus
  • 17 - Pylon
  • 19 - Forge
  • 20 - Gateway
  • 21 - Assimilator
  • 24 - Pylon
  • 26 - Photon Cannon
  • 27 - Zealot
  • 31 - 2nd Gateway
  • 34 - Phonton Cannon
  • 34 - Zealot
  • 38 - Photon Cannon
  • 38 - Pylon
  • 40 - 2x Zealots (continue Zealot production from here on out)
  • 45 - 3rd Gateway
  • * - You may choose to do a Cybernetics Core at this point instead
  • 45 - Pylon
  • 45 - 2nd Assimilator
  • 51 - Research +1 Armor
  • 55 - Cybernetics Core (Research Warp Gates at 100%)
  • 55 - 4th Gateway
  • 65 - 3rd and 4th Assimilator
  • 75 - Twighlight Council (Research Charge at 100%)
  • 85 - 3rd Nexus, fully saturate gas immediately
  • 88 - Templar Archives (Research Psionic Storm at your discretion)
  • 88 - 2nd Forge (Research Shield upgrade at 100%)
  • 90 - 4x Gateways
  • 100 - 4x Gateways
  • * - Mass Archons and Zealots, Chrono Boost your upgrades first and production structures second--constantly


The goal of this Protoss vs. Terran build is to secure a strong economic advantage through a Fast Expansion and utilize Zealots and Archons, with minimal High Templar Psionic Storm support, for the win. You want to ensure you're playing on a map without a short rush distance as your sacrificing your army upfront for economy and losing your natural expansion to a rush would be devastating. You're going to go Forge first after your 2nd Nexus is dropped in order to protect both your expansion and your ramp with Photon Cannons. From there it's important to get armor and Charge upgrades for your Zealots as fast as possible. Use your own judgement as to whether you need to bolster your initial forces with a Sentry or 2 and/or a few Stalkers. This is a mid game strategy so spend some time practicing the opening as well as the transition and timings.

Strong Against: terran logo icon


Timing is everything. You need to have 3 Photon Cannons down, supported by at least 2 Pylons, prior to the 7 minute mark. You also need to have 4-6 Zealots at that point as well in order to push back any aggressors trying to take the cannons down. Use your choke and high ground to your advantage and position the cannons with purpose. If you scout an early Starport or Reaper aggression get some cannons on your mineral line or opt for the earlier Cybernetics Core to pump out a couple of Stalkers. You should really secure your 3rd expanion by 10 minutes in order to stay in the economic lead and have enough gas for High Templars.


This is a mid game strategy and as such the transition path is laid out in the build. If you run into heavy air you've got enough Gateways to quickly transition to mass Stalkers, just make sure you go ahead and research Blink at that point. If your facing large bio balls just leave the High Templars un-merged and drop Psionic Storm on their ass. Adjust within your Gateway unit choices as needed because trying to go down a Robotics path or Starport path is going to cost you time you won't have.


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