4 Gate

Build Order

  • 10 - Pylon
  • 12 - Gateway
  • 14 - Assimilator
  • 16 - Pylon
  • 17 - Cybernetics Core
  • 19 - Gas
  • 21 - Warp Gate Research
  • 22 - Zealot
  • 24 - Pylon
  • 24 - Gateway
  • 27 - Stalker
  • 30 - 2x Gateways
  • 30 - 2x Sentries
  • 32 - Twilight Council
  • 32 - Pylon
  • 32 - Convert Gateways to Warp Gates
  • 32 - 2x Stalkers


The Goal is to get 4 warp gates up quickly to mass Stalkers, Sentries, and a few Zealots for an early push. This variation with heavy gas allows for a fast Tighlight Council and Blink research as well. As opposed to getting the last 3 Gateways at once this variation goes 2 and 2 allowing for quicker Sentries initially which help immensely against any early aggression from your opponent.

Note: When playing against Zerg be sure and wall off your ramp.

Strong Against: random logo icon


You want to get a Zealot, Stalker, and 2 Sentries in that order. The Zealot can fill the gap in a ramp wall against any early Zergling rush and the Stalker can protect your mineral line against any early Reaper harassment. The Sentries Force Fields are crucial for splitting up any early push against you and walling your ramp off. Research Warp Gates as soon as your Cybernetic Core is complete. While you want to save your Chrono Boosts primarily for probe production you'll have a spare one to burn halfway through your Warp Gate research so go ahead and use it to speed the research along.


Pretty wide open. You should continue your Gateway unit play well into the mid game to mass more Stalkers with a few more Sentries and spare minerals spent on Zealots. Grab a Forge or 2 and get your ground unit upgrades. As you expand you should add more Gateways and then decide if you want to go with a Robitics Facility for some Immortals or Colossi or if you just want to stick with yet more Gateways. Dark Templars are easy to transition to with the simple addtion of a Dark Shrine and will benefit from any upgrades you got for the rest of your units.


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