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The rate at which you develop the technology encompassed in your army can be tricky. Technology, army, and economy are the three pillars in StarCraft 2 so establishing a technology advantage can definitely help you win the match. However, do this too soon or out of step with your opponent's moves and you'll get crushed by their army and/or economy advantage.

Like many strategy aspects of the game scouting is paramount. You should tech up when it's safe to do so; either when your opponent is doing the same or when your opponent is expanding. Unless you're planning on doing an aggressive early/mid game all-in push it's dangerous to tech on single base because of the expense involved in higher tiered units and upgrades. Commonly people will not start to invest in tech until they've secured a second base that is near saturation.

If your focus is on a large army of tier 1 or tier 2 units it's advised to get their +1 upgrades as early as possible. This is not something you want to wait on. You want to be able to do damage or win the match with this type of army in the middle stages of the game and if you haven't started your +1 upgrades early on you may find your army out powered or out teched by your opponent. Dropping 2 upgrade structures is advised for this type of build so you can research both attack and health upgrades simultaneously.

Trying to tech up very early in the game just won't cut it in the upper leagues. You can't put up enough defensive structures or wall yourself in tight enough to stop a a seasoned player from simply marching right over you with 80 supply worth of tier 1 units. There's more room to tech early in a team game but in 1v1 you've got to save it for the middle and later stages.

Get your base units first, try a little harassment, and tech up when you know it's safe to do so, inline with your opponent, or when they're expanding and focused on protecting it to get their return on their investement. Strategy is everything.

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