Advanced Guide


So your probably not a better StarCraft 2 player since starting this guide but perhaps the next time you fire up a game a few of these strategy pointers will click and you'll be on your way to greatness. If you haven't read a previous guides, please do so, as there are topics in them that are highly beneficial to all levels of play and are in direct support of topics just covered here. Practice what you've learned here and we believe your game will improve. Micro effectively, attack your opponent where they're weakest, establish map control as appropriate, tech when it's time, harass and apply pressure constantly, and get inside your opponent's head. Do all that on top of the fundamentals of the game and you'll be kicking ass in no time.

As we generally like to say when we close these strategy guides out, if nothing else, hopefully this all adds some fun to your game.

Thanks for reading!