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Map Control

Map control is a little bit of a misleading term in StarCraft 2. Your army can't be spread so thin across the map that it's everywhere at once giving you true complete control. Effectively though, once you lay down a mining base and start harvesting minerals you've got control over that space. Even if destroyed you've reduced the amount of minerals that your opponent can mine and you've cost you're opponent time and army position if they decide to attack one of your expansions. Granted, that's about the only upside of losing an expansion but you've got to look for opportunity even in loss.

alright gang, I think we got it locked down... let's move in!

More important when we're talking about map control is visibility. As the game progresses you should be expanding at a constant pace. Continue to scout your enemy and understand how many bases and where they are expanding. If you have a successful push and destroy most of their army this is a good time to consider expanding again while they're trying to rebuild in order increase your own map control.

You can also gain map control through highly mobile or stealthy units to keep your opponent from expanding, detect their expansions early, and help defend your own positions. There are many units that are good for this such as Zerglings, Burrowed Roaches, Banshees, Hellions, Phoenixes, Dark Templars, and really any other unit composition you can keep a small grouping of constantly on the go.

Map Control is crucial in the late-middle and late game stages. If you and your opponent are evenly matched and haven't established a dominating army by this stage in the game it may very well come down to who secured the best and most positions on the map and can gain an economical advantage to deliver the final blows.

Be mobile, constantly scout, and secure your fair share and more of the map.

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