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Welcome to the web's premiere source of free StarCraft 2 strategy information, guides, gameplay advice, and walkthroughs. The navigation at the top will guide you through all areas of the site but there are 3 main areas you'll want to spend the most time in.

Our Guides cover basic to advanced gameplay strategy, advice, and control—detailing everything you need to know to be a competetive player. They also cover specific strategies for every race and for team games. Our Builds section contains specific build orders broken down by what race your playing and for what race your playing against. These are essentially specific instructions, or "recipes" for starting each match. The Strat Casts section contains videos from various matchups which highlight specific strategy elements that every player should know and consider. We commentate on specific moments in a match where a given strategy seized control of the game and led to the win.

Be sure and check out our Practice section to learn some different techniques for refining your gameplay and working on your strategies as well as our News section for information on upcoming patches, new maps, expansions, and more.

If you have a replay you'd like us to consider for the Strat Cast section please Contact Us about it. If you've got a build order you want us to consider posting please use our Build Order Submission Form and we'll review it. If we like it we'll create a video and entire page dedicated to it.

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Season 4 Ends

With all Season enders it means that you're locked into your current league until the new season starts. Your bonus pool will not grow though you can still compete within your division for ranking. That doesn't mean that BattleNet stopped paying attention though. Your wins and losses during this time still absolutely count towards your overall advancement in the ladder. So when Season 5 starts...Read More »

Heart of the Swarm

Fans continue to wait patiently for the StarCraft 2 expansion, Heart of the Swarm, to get within their grasp in beta form. Be sure you have your Beta Profile Settings set on Battle.Net to be considered for a beta key direct from Blizzard when the time comes. Blizzard has published quite a few things about the upcoming expansion so here's what we know for sure.

Heart of the Swarm will of course be an entire new playable campaign centering around Kerrigan and the Zerg race. You'll play primarily as Kerrigan with the option to evolve different abilities and skillsets as you earn points in the campaign giving the player diverging paths to take through Heart of the Swarm. These abilities align with either Kerrigan's former Terran side as a Ghost with Spec Ops upgrades or with her Zerg...Read More »

Patch 1.4.0 Is Released

Patch 1.4.0 was released the other day and here's what you need to know.

Ravens got a boost with their Seeker Missle speeds increasing from 2.5 to 2.953 while Hellions took a hit on their Infernal Pre-Ignitor upgrade damage increase, going from 10 down to 5.

Infestors got nerfed...Read More »

Blizzcon 2011

Blizzcon 2011 will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on October 21st and 22nd. As the name implies it is Blizzard's annual convention with focus on their 3 premiere titles; WarCraft, StarCraft, and Diablo.

Tickets for the show sold out almost instantly but you can still find them via secondary means like eBay. Blizzard is also offering a $39.99 "Virtual Ticket" where you can watch BlizzCon 2011 at home. The virtual ticket works as a multi-channel Internet stream and is also available via Pay-per-View on DIRECTV in the US. As a bonus Blizzard is throwing in some World of WarCraft and StarCraft 2 in game items for those who purchase virtual tickets.

During the convention there will...Read More »

SC2Strat.Net Launches

We're here to serve the greatest number of StarCraft 2 players possible which will predominately be Platinum and lower level league players. That doesn't mean a Diamond or Masters level player wouldn't find something useful on this site but it does mean that our content caters more to the medium and lower league players.

We don't restrict our videos to upper league players only as an example. In fact, many of our videos will showcase middle and lower league play quite a bit because we believe there's more to learn in watching your equivalent league of play. Sure, Masters and Grandmasters videos are fun to watch but most players aren't going to learn alot from watching professional play. We aim to show you real techniques and real strategies at all levels of play...Read More »